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Early insight into hidden dangers of photovoltaic power plants

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"There is always a sense of "worry" in my heart, and only by action can I make a difference, and my own income can be guaranteed!"

Fan Zhongyan of the Northern Song Dynasty once said such a sentence: First worry about the world and worry, and then enjoy the world.

This sentence is also true for the builders (owners) of distributed photovoltaic power plants. It does not mean that once the photovoltaic power plants are built, they can get subsidies, get electricity bills, and enjoy the benefits. In fact, for users who build photovoltaic power plants, they must have that "worry" in their minds—the hidden dangers that may occur in the power station in the future. When these hidden dangers are eliminated, they can enjoy the benefits in the future.

In recent years, distributed photovoltaic power generation has gradually entered people’s daily life, because photovoltaic power generation has advantages that other traditional energy sources do not have. From the perspective of usage, distributed photovoltaic power generation can be connected to the grid nearby. Users can choose modes such as "spontaneous self-use", "spontaneous self-use, surplus electricity online", "full-amount online", which is different from traditional energy sources. Flexible grid connection.

Secondly, the construction period of distributed photovoltaic power generation is short, and it can be built on the roof or in rural courtyards to avoid additional resource occupation and be more friendly to the people. It can also be combined with rural agricultural greenhouses, fish ponds, barren hills, wastelands, and poverty alleviation.

Distributed photovoltaic power generation process will not produce any waste, no radiation, pollution, noise, etc., it is an ideal clean energy.

In addition, the state's subsidies and promotion of distributed photovoltaic power generation have been very large in recent years, and there have been subsidies for up to 20 years, which has shortened the user's investment and return cycle to a certain extent.

Such benefits can be written in a few lines, but when seeing these benefits, photovoltaics said that they thought of the hidden dangers of photovoltaic power plants. Because these are not planned earlier, you want to enjoy the benefits. It may be said that one or two years is no problem, but it is hard to say for a long time such as five or ten years!

For this promising distributed photovoltaic power station, what do we need insights in advance?

Distributed photovoltaic power generation is built on residential houses, industrial plants, shopping malls, schools, and hospitals. These places are almost inseparable from people’s lives. Therefore, photovoltaic power generation must ensure that it does not affect the original production and living functions of these buildings. Production and materials do not cause safety hazards.

Let me talk about the planning of distributed photovoltaic power plants. As the saying goes, “watch food and eat, tailor your clothes”. The carrier of a photovoltaic power station is a building. Before construction, it is necessary to plan the space and find a suitable space and designated area to install photovoltaic brackets, photovoltaic modules and inverters. Wait for equipment, because only in this way can a good installation environment of the power station be guaranteed.

Look at the qualifications of power station equipment suppliers. The voice of "Wang Po selling melons" is often heard in the market, saying that their products are good and the price is low, but when users buy and install them, the feedback is not what they say. Therefore, it is quite necessary to choose equipment vendors with quality assurance and complete product certifications. For example, components and inverters require CQC certification, such as front-runner certification, etc. When some manufacturers can't get these certificates, they are still selling to you You have to be careful when making products. In short, unqualified products will definitely increase the incidence of hidden dangers.

Is the construction standard during the construction process? Some equipment factory friends often complain to the photovoltaic: some installers can actually connect the neutral wire and the live wire incorrectly; the wire connectors are exposed, the inverter is burned, the cable is burned, and the lightning protection is not grounded. Doing is a regular thing. If these are not done well, even if the power station is generating electricity, you will not feel at ease.

In addition to the points mentioned above, we also need to develop a good habit of regular maintenance and inspections to improve intelligent operation and maintenance capabilities. There is an old saying that "the embankment of a thousand miles is destroyed by an ant nest". If we can regularly patrol the "embankment", we can find the ant nest early. How can the huge embankment be destroyed by these humble ant nests? In the operation and maintenance process, in addition to basic fire safety inspection measures, the photovoltaic system's functions of self-detection, identification of abnormalities and proactively stopping abnormal power generation strings are also used to reduce the possibility of fire.

In the end, what PV said I would like to say is that for those friends who already have PV power stations, it is not that your power station can be built to make steady profits. We still need to pay attention to daily operation and maintenance, and regular maintenance and inspection. For those who have not yet built a photovoltaic power station, it is even more important to do a good job in the early planning, design and equipment selection of the power station.

"There is always a sense of "worry" in my heart, and only by action can I make a difference, and my own income can be guaranteed!"

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