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Qinghai Province aims at 2016 new energy target of 7.1GW

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The Qinghai Electric Power Company is responsible for all power grid connections in Qinghai Province, saying that the total installed capacity of photovoltaics this year can reach 7.1 GW.

Qinghai Province accounts for 30% of the total installed power of western provinces in China, and the current cumulative installed capacity of renewable energy reaches 607 million kilowatts.

Among them, 5.6 GW is ground installed capacity, wind power installed capacity is 467 MW, and distributed solar power is 2.8 MW.

As one of the least developed provinces in China, Qinghai Province has a land area of 721,000 square kilometers, which is similar to the total land area of the Netherlands and Belgium, but only has a population of 6 million. However, due to good sun exposure and abundant natural resources, it is an ideal place to develop renewable energy including solar photovoltaic power generation, CSP and wind energy.

However, like other provinces in northern and northwestern China that focus on renewable energy development, local electricity consumption is declining and there is a lack of new grid construction. Qinghai Electric Power recognizes these problems as possible obstacles, but insists that the installation of renewable energy will continue to grow during the 11th Five-Year Plan period.

By the end of 2015, the Chinese government has set a 2016 national target for renewable energy, which is slightly lower than the 17.8 GW planned last year. The government expects it to be 15 GW this year. The cumulative installed capacity is 40 GW, and the target for 2020 is 150 GW.

According to a report from the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) cited by Bloomberg, the Chinese government will also cut solar photovoltaic feed-in tariff subsidies and increase domestic energy costs by a 27% surcharge (0.019 yuan per kilowatt-hour).

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