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Power storage supports the future energy revolution

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Report: With the advent of the era of parity, domestic energy development has begun to change from quantitative to qualitative, and the power market supporting future energy has also begun to establish energy storage in multiple provinces to realize the time-lapse application of energy. Electric energy storage is considered an energy revolution To change the real-time coupling between power supply and demand to cross-period coupling, enrich the means of power balance, and realize the high-density and controllable application of low-density and fluctuating energy, which is accelerating the revolutionary process of energy production and consumption. The energy revolution provides strong support.

   For some time, as the most active field of energy storage technology research and development and application, energy will have more possibilities in the future, and new industries, new formats, and new models are bursting out. Especially since the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of my country's Energy Storage Technology and Industry" was released in 2017, my country's energy storage industry has developed rapidly. After more than two years of deliberation and planning, the National Energy Administration officially publicly solicited my country on July 17 this year. The first batch of energy storage demonstration projects. Energy storage is considered to be the key supporting technology of the energy revolution, and it is getting more and more attention and application in countries around the world, in the fields of renewable energy consumption, distributed energy and microgrid, power auxiliary services, power system flexibility, energy Internet, etc. At the same time, State Grid Co., Ltd. has adopted various measures to actively promote the implementation of relevant national policies. The company has established a state key laboratory for new energy and energy storage, and has continuously improved its research capabilities related to energy storage, resulting in a total of patents 408, including 213 invention patents, organized research and released China’s first electric energy storage technology standard system, covering 7 aspects of basic integration, planning and design, equipment and materials, engineering construction, information security, operation and maintenance, dispatching and trading, taking the lead We have formulated 10 national standards, 6 industry standards, and 17 company corporate standards. In the past ten years, China’s energy storage industry has developed rapidly. According to statistics from the Zhongguancun Energy Storage Industry Technology Alliance Global Energy Storage Database, especially since 2018, A total of 78 electric energy storage projects above scale (10MWh and above) have been put into operation in China, including 16 grid-side energy storage projects, 1 power-side energy storage project, 2 auxiliary service energy storage projects, and centralized renewable energy. There are 12 grid-connected energy storage applications and 47 user-side energy storage projects.

  It can be said that energy storage is an essential part of the future power system and is indispensable. For the power system, energy storage can provide multiple services such as peak shaving and frequency modulation, peak shaving and valley filling, black start, and demand response support for the power grid, improving the flexibility, economy and safety of traditional power systems. We need to allocate and adjust energy resources across time and space, accelerate the breakthrough and popularization of power storage technology, in order to meet the load demand of users, reduce the burden on the centralized power grid, and jointly promote China's energy transformation

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