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The construction project of China Southern Power Grid's first fully localized pumped storage power s

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China Southern Power Grid reported on September 11, China Southern Power Grid’s first comprehensively domestically designed, manufactured, installed, and commissioned pumped storage power station construction project-Shenzhen Pumped Storage Power Station passed the project completion acceptance, which took only 24 months. The fastest record for special acceptance of domestic large and medium-sized hydropower projects.

At the completion acceptance meeting of the Shenzhen pumped storage power station project, experts agreed that the Shenzhen pumped storage power station pivot project has been completed according to the approved design scale and design plan, and the power station functions have been realized; the main buildings, electromechanical and metal structures of the pivot project The equipment design meets the specification requirements, and the overall project construction quality meets the design requirements; since the project was put into operation, the hub project buildings, electrical and mechanical equipment, and metal structure equipment have been operating normally; the construction land acquisition and resettlement work has been completed; the environmental protection, Various water and soil conservation measures and various facilities are operating well; fire control, labor safety and industrial sanitation facilities and equipment have been put into use to meet the requirements of safe production; the actual investment control indicators of the power station are relatively good, and the economic and social benefits are significant; the project archives are complete, Arrangement specifications; 8 special inspections and acceptances of the hub project, construction land acquisition and resettlement, environmental protection, water and soil conservation, fire protection, labor safety and industrial hygiene, project final accounts, and project archives at the completion stage have been completed, and the special inspections have been properly handled. Remaining problem.

Shenzhen Pumped Storage Power Station is a key construction project in the national renewable energy development plan, and it is also the connection point of the west-to-east power transmission and the Guangdong-Hong Kong power grid. It is located in Shenzhen, the central city of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. It is the first in my country The large-scale pumped-storage power station built in the city, with a total investment of 5.979 billion yuan, is equipped with 4 vertical-shaft single-stage reversible mixed flow generators of 300 MW, with a total installed capacity of 1200 MW. From September 25, 2018, when all units were put into production for power generation, to August 31 this year, the power station was activated 24 emergency times, with a success rate of 100%, and the average annual utilization hours of a single unit reached 2957 hours, which effectively played the role of peak shaving and valley filling. , Frequency modulation and modulation are equivalent; each year, it saves 158,800 tons of standard coal and reduces the total amount of greenhouse gases by about 2,177.28 tons, making a positive contribution to the clear water and blue sky of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

Since the completion of the power station, it has successively won the "National Youth Civilization", "Guangdong Province May 1 Labor Award", "China Power Quality Engineering Award", "Guangdong Province Major Construction Project Archives Golden Book Award" and China Electric Power Planning and Design Association 2019 Hydropower Industry Excellence Many honors and awards including the first prize of engineering design.

   In addition, the power station serves as the power generation teaching site of the "Four Confidence" propaganda positions of China Southern Power Grid Corporation Peaking and Frequency Modulation Company and a demonstration unit of China Southern Power Grid Corporation's clean culture.

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